Imagine doubling the number of inbound leads overnight. That would be fantastic, right?

You are a marketeer or tech entrepreneur that wants to grow and attract more leads.

However, in the process of achieving your company’s growth objectives you face the following challenges:

  • developing and amplifying content that resonates with your prospects and customers is not easy
  • turning business goals and sales targets into marketing KPIs is a struggle
  • organising, measuring and optimising your marketing content can be a real pain
  • improving the ROI of your marketing budget is tough

How would you feel if your CEO or sales team asks you to pause bringing in more leads? Can you imagine attracting new leads like breaking news attracts media and public attention? And what if you, as a marketeer, can free up time and resources so you can finally launch your own flywheel of creativity that drives even more leads?

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If you want to help your company grow, attracting more potential customers online is a must. We help you to boost the website traffic by developing your buyer persona(s), creating content that is valuable to your target audience, and amplifying that content. And we optimise all online marketing efforts to improve the ROI on your marketing budget.


Once you’ve increased the number of people coming to your website, it is important to start building relationships with them. We help you to engage with your website visitors with quality content and the right offers throughout their buyer journey by setting up smart and scalable marketing automation. And ultimately turn them into qualified leads.


Technology makes us tick. With a track record in developing editorial stories for tech companies, content is at heart of everything we do. We are En Serio, the inbound partner for tech innovators.