Innovation stories need to be clear. They need to be told. People need to hear about the story of a solution to a real problem. Smart and effective PR and relevant content help companies do exactly that. We empower companies to tell their stories, engage with their target group, and build relationships with the right journalists and most relevant influencers.

We help our clients to build their reputation through driving positive awareness, creating the right messaging, and by continuing to find new story angles. Whether this is on a project or retainer basis, we will determine the best technology PR and content strategy for your company.


We don’t just write press releases, bylined articles and other contributed content. We create complete PR campaigns that help build relevant relationships, drive brand awareness and increase website traffic. And if that involves setting up interviews, organising events, creating new content or keeping track of your social media, we will take care of all these PR activities.


Whether you’re looking to establish thought leadership or generate leads, we will help you find your tone of voice and create the content your target group can relate to. We can produce sharp copy, from blog posts and white papers to case studies. We determine the topics ensuring the right content is produced, from emerging technologies and market conditions to industry news.


Our tech PR campaigns get your brand featured in the right media. In order to achieve greater impact, you can use social channels as additional platforms to communicate with customers and prospects, partners and the media. And we can help you set up, build and manage your social media channels. Whether you want us to monitor for online mentions or build your social media community, we will integrate your content across all of your digital channels in a way that engages with your audience.


Innovation driven by technology is our clients’ bread and butter.




Our infrastructure clients have helped shape the Internet as we know and use it today. Their solutions are at the heart of future innovation for businesses and service providers. They help other companies to do things smarter, more securely, more efficiently and more effectively.

We challenge our clients to tailor their PR messaging – about topics like the Internet of Things, security, artificial intelligence and big data – so that they can address their view and impact on industries, economies and societies. Byline and blog programs as well as interviews with key IT and business reporters go hand in hand with our work for infrastructure clients.

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Applications change the way businesses operate. They enable a better user experience, improved productivity, flexibility and scalability. Business applications often open up new opportunities for growth and impact. Often, innovation is sparked in a specific market, creating new ‘vertical’ industries – like fintech, marketing tech and HR tech – in which upcoming tech companies claim their space.

Our technology PR strategies in this category are diverse but focused.  Thought leadership campaigns for business and vertical publications, customer reference programmes and getting involved in discussions around the challenges and future of doing work and business.

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Telefoon, mobiel, strand


Shiny gadgets, smart mobile apps and software make the life of consumers easier and better. In the high-paced and crowded consumer tech segments, engaging with end users in an authentic fashion is important to show what makes you different.

Staying ahead of the competition with a smart PR plan and great execution is key. Segmenting different target groups and tailoring your creative PR approach for each of them is a must. We help consumer tech clients select and implement the right combination of tactics. This including product launches, influencer campaigns, review programs, press events and giveaway competitions. Our highest priority is to get the job done.

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The technology sector cannot exist without an ecosystem. One that takes care of industry-wide knowledge and skills development, standardisation, bringing together like-minded innovators and helping them grow. For example: industry bodies, training institutes, incubator programmes, and investors. Their initiatives – platforms, communities and programmes – drive technology adoption and innovation.

These organisations typically do not have a physical product. The key differentiators are usually more subtle and intangible. PR efforts need to focus on getting the press to your event or training programme. This way they can experience what you are all about in terms of expertise and participants.

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