Three reasons why long term relationships matter

Most PR professionals and agencies agree: it matters who you know. It is a no brainer that it pays off to…

Eric Dragt,

I Marieke, you robot

The Oxford English Dictionary from 1848, explains the word robot as “forced labor” or “hard work”. But the word got…

Marieke Kraan,

Watching a smart watch

Last month I was walking around at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where the next wave of ingenuity was shown….

Eric Dragt,

Prezi chooses En Serio for ongoing PR in the Netherlands

Visual storyteller Prezi, Inc. has selected En Serio as their PR partner in the Netherlands. The Amsterdam based tech PR…

En Serio,

PR stressful? Not with these relax apps!

To keep functioning optimally, the trick is to find an appropriate way to deal with all that stress. To-do lists…

Marlies Zegelaar,

The transformation of tech PR in the Netherlands

Over the past decade or so, tech PR in the Netherlands transformed. A couple of developments changed the lives of…

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