Watching a smart watch

Probably, it hasn’t slipped your attention. We humans and the devices around us are getting smarter. What an improvement it was when our cell phones in 1996 suddenly got the title ‘smart’. Apple wasn’t the first, but it is obvious that they are the most successful supplier. An important ingredient of success is the way Apple told the world why the smart phone is such a fantastic innovation.

Last month I was walking around at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where the next wave of ingenuity was shown. Striking was the amount of smart watches at the event. Many suppliers like LG, Sony and Huawei have now also jumped in this market. Of course there are some exceptions, but most of the smart watches look like tiny computers that can be worn on your wrist. With a modest collection watches at home (and I think I’m not the only one), the design of a watch is an important reason to buy a new one. And that is exactly what I’m missing in this new category of smart watches.

‘Stupid watch’

It is clear: no smart watch for me when this is at the expense of the beauty of the object on my wrist. For now, I am fine wearing a ‘stupid’ watch with primitive hands and old-fashioned ticking.

Yet, as a gadget freak and Apple fan, I was curious about the Apple Watch. I wasn’t very curious about the design – because that was leaked and not surprising – but I was particularly interested in the story that Apple would tell, trying to capture another market segment. Both with my tech PR hat on as my consumer one, I looked at the news conference. With what ‘why’ would Apple come up and will the company from Cupertino bring me to doubt?

On 42bis, I wrote a blog about Apple’s storytelling strategy during the launch of their smart watch. But, dear reader, what did you think of the presentation? And will I see you soon with a smart watch or do keep wearing a normal watch?